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Author's Kitchen + Bar
Meet the chefs
Our Story
How AK+B came to be

Chef and owners Matias Whittingslow + Joshua Sickler met while working together in 2014. They quickly realized they made an awesome team as they shared the same passion for food + cooking for others to enjoy.


Matias left the area for about a year + during a visit back to Appleton he got together with Josh. At the time, what seemed like a few crazy conversations, soon developed into a real idea. it became clear that they needed to take the next step + open up their own place.


Author's Kitchen + Bar is their dream come true. They have always wanted to be the authors of their own kitchen + can't wait to share their stories with you.





Chef Josh Sickler has always had a passion for cooking and has been in the industry for many years. He was heavily involved in a few well-known restaurants in the surrounding area and gained great experience with a variety of cuisines and managing. He lives in Appleton with his son and daughter. he likes spending time with family and friends.

Chef Matias Whittingslow fine-tuned his skills working around the globe in Argentina, Spain and The US. He has worked for Four Seasons Hotels and 2 Michelin starred restaurants. Consuming all the knowledge possible as he worked, Matias has come to have a unique style that keeps you guessing with flavors but is not unapproachable. Originally from Argentina, Matias met his wife, Kalen, in Buenos Aires and They now live in Appleton  with their Three kids and a crazy cat.

Our Belief in Food


We believe in home-made cooking that will surprise you with its simplicity yet awe you with its flavor. We want our food to tell stories that you'll share with the people you care about.


You will find different influences on the menu but the chefs take particular pride in their from-scratch pasta and intriguing snacks and appetizers.


Luck has not been on our side, but we are writing another chapter!

We were in the building at 201 N Appleton St. in downtown appleton from June 2018 to March 13th, 2019 when an electrical fire took out the whole building, including the four apartments above. It was a total loss and it took us a year to find a new location. We reopened on college Avenue, 3 blocks from our previous spot on March 17th, 2020 during the COVID-19 pandemic for just curbside and delivery. We are feeling the support of the Fox valley and are staying positive about the situation. We opened our doors for half capacity dine in on June 11th. It's been great to have everyone in!

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